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Trisha killed by Tamilians

Posted on: 2017-01-14 13:40:41

Actress Trisha killed by Tamilians.

The Tamil ire is directed against actor-animal welfare activist Trisha on the issue of Jallikattu ban. Trisha is the ambassador of PETA, the organisation responsible for the Jallikattu ban.

Several protesters descended to Nevikapatti village in Sivaganga district, where Trisha was shooting for Garjanai. They disrupted the shooting and demanded that she come out of the vanity van, where she had taken refuge. The police had to rush in to rescue the actress. She was trolled on social media and some even put up Trisha's obituary.

The actress endorsed PETA organization and is long associated with the animal welfare group, which is aggressively campaigning against the ancient and popular bull-taming sport Jallikattu, and also wants people supporting it to be held for contempt of court.

The angry mob said that they will not allow her to shoot in Tamil Nadu unless she apologizes and withdraws her support to the animal rights organization.

The Jallikattu supporters are demanding a ban on PETA. Last year, the Supreme Court banned Jallikattu, angering the sport's supporters and traditionalists who support it.

A shocked Trisha took to Twitter to slam her critics and clarified that she had never said a word. Here are her tweets:

    Before i break my silence on d concerned issue,i would firstly lik 2 thank d entire police personnel of Tamil Nadu for makin sure i reached
    — Trisha Krishnan (@trishtrashers) January 14, 2017

    home safe last night n for being a source of comfort n strength to my family who was put through unnecessary stress and agony
    — Trisha Krishnan (@trishtrashers) January 14, 2017

    Secondly,I have never spoken against Jallikattu at any given point.Thank u @iam_str for making my stand clear and takin up for me as always
    — Trisha Krishnan (@trishtrashers) January 14, 2017

    That bein said,I am shocked n mortified at d haters n d kind of filthy language bein used jus bcoz u have free access 2 social media. pic.twitter.com/oCX0Tvbsgj
    — Trisha Krishnan (@trishtrashers) January 14, 2017

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