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Steps to Cook KFC Chicken at Home with Pics

Posted on: 2015-06-14 13:14:49

 Take one fresh chicken body cut into 8-10 pieces


Butter milk 2cups(if u dont hav butter milk add 4teaspoons of lemon juice to 2cups of normal milk) ginger powder 1/2tspn
garlic powder 1/2tspn,
salt to taste,
Black pepper powder-1teaspoon
mixed dried herbs-1tspn
(Oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley).
chilly powder/paprika powder-1tspn

Take a large bowl then Add all the ingredients along with the chicken pieces.mix well until well combined.

Marinated chicken pieces are ready nw..place it in the refrigerator at least for 4-6hrs.

Prepare coating mix:

Maida/all purpose flour-11/2cups
Corn flour-1/2cup
Cornflakes/crushed bread crubs-1/2 cup
Baking powder (optional)-a pinch
Paprica/red chilli powder-1teaspoon
Black pepper powder-1/2tspn
Garlic powder-1/2tspn
Onion powder-1/2teaspoon
Mix all the above ingredients...keep aside.
Ginger powder-1/2teaspoon

Wet egg mix

paprica/hot chilli sauce-1teaspoon
Salt-a pinch
Milk 1/2cup
Mix all together with a whisk.keep aside.

Remove the chicken pieces from the marinade and blot with kitchen towel to remove excess water of marinade...try to make it dry as much u can...there should be no extra water left on the chicken pieces...as shown in the pic.

Heat oil in deep frying pan on low medium heat..ensure tht your oil is hot enough for frying it should be on medium low flame........it is very important thing.otherwise inside of pieces do not cook properly.to check the hotness add apinch of flour to oil...it vil spread as shown..

Dip each chicken pieces first in the egg mixture

Then roll in the flour mixture, Flour mix coated well.

Again dip in egg mix,

2nd in flour mix.nw it is ready to fry

Drop it in medium hot oil.

Donot over crowd...adjust the number of pieces according to the size of ur pan.

After 15minutes of cooking on low flame, one side done well..if necessary u can close the lid.it will help to reduce cooking tym.....

Drain excess oil

2nd batch on frying

Our crispy fried chicken Ready Now..... Perfectly done.look at that...pieces.


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