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Best home remedies to turn white(gray) color hair to black in one week

Posted on: 2015-08-10 04:38:36

Top home remedies to get black hair naturally

By using this remedies you can maintain black hair at the age of 60+

1. Mix two tablespoon of amla powder in half a liter water. Add some lemon juice to it (half a lemon). Wash hair daily with this solution, your hair would become naturally black in some course of time.

2. Take 1 kg clarified butter (ghee), 250 gm liquorice (mulethi) along with 1 litre of amla juice and heat them on a low flame. When all the water evaporates, preserve the actual mixture in a  glass container. Use mixture on your hair every time yo go for a hair wash. This helps in attaining that jet black color effortlessly.

3. Take some mango leaves and blend them into a thick paste. Apply this paste on your hair. Leave it for 15-20 min’s and wash with normal water. It will assist in new hair growth and also help in changing the hair color to black effortlessly.

4. Take few mango leaves and some green peel of unripe mango. Blend them together and mix it with oil. Keep the mixture in the sun for a longer time. This essential oil stops hair loss and convert hair effortlessly black.

5. The oil of mango stones when applied on  hair turns white-colored hair to black color and does not let the black hair get white before age. It can also be good for treating dandruff  and hair loss.


Natural methods to dye grey hair

  • Indian gooseberry and henna pack–Prepare fresh paste of henna, 3 tbsp.gooseberry powder and 1 tbsp. coffee powder with some water.Apply it on the hair and let it remain for two hours. Wash with a mild soap or shampoo.This is the most effective grey hair home remedy.
  • Black Tea Remedy is best for premature grey hair. Apply the coloured tea water on the hair and rinse it after half an hour.With cold water without the use of shampoo.
  • Ribbed Gourd Remedy–This remedy helps to restore the” melanin” pigmentation of hair.Keep dry pieces of ribbed gourd soaked in coconut oil for 3 days.Boil the mixture till a black residue is formed.Massage it on the scalp and rinse after an hour.

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